ACEA County Engineer of the Year Award

2017: Chris Champion, Henry County
2016: Richard Grace, Madison County
2015: Greg Bodley, Morgan County
2014: Benjie Sanders, Crenshaw County
2013: Dennis McCall, Butler County
2012: Richie Beyer, Elmore County
2011: Wayne Sullivan, Jefferson County
2010: Anthony Crear, Sumter County
2009: Mark Pool, Houston County
2008: Patrick McDougald, Barbour County
2007: Randy Cole, Shelby County
2006: Charles Markert, Chambers County
2005: Richard Spraggins,
2004: Randy Tindell, Coffee County
2003: Henry Hawkins
2002: Joe Ruffer, Mobile County


John F. Courson Excellence in Engineering Award

2017: Houston County, Drainage Improvements for the Dothan-Houston County Airport Authority
2016: Mobile County, Pay As You Go Road Program
2015: Not Awarded
2014: Houston County, Innovative Technique to Replace Bridge Bearing Pads Using Flat Form High           Pressure Lifting Bags
2013: Coffee County, Landfill Gas Collection/Carbon Credits
2012: Not Awarded
2011: Baldwin County, County Road 13 Corridor
2010: Calhoun County, Biodeisel Fuel
2009: Not Awarded
2008: Not Awarded
2007: Elmore County, Repairing Base Failures
2006: Houston County, The Quest to Save Lives on Houston County Roads